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Two guys saw a fellow driving a herd of sheep down the lane towards town, beating a stick and yelling at them to keep them moving. “I thought shepherds led their sheep,” one guy said to his friend. “Oh they do,” answered the friend. “He’s not a shepherd. That’s the […]

Sermon: The Shepherd’s Voice

In 2010 Commentary Magazine held a contest for the best scriptural exegesis. The contest’s winner was one Manny Sherberb, who included the following joke as part of his winning scholarship. “A young business man gets onto an airplane, settles into his seat and opens his laptop to get a little […]

Sermon: Justice Like Water

Come join us as we Spring into 2017 with a Health and Wellness Expo! Saturday, April 1, 2017 10 a.m. – 2 p.m. First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia Lot’s of vendors are signing up and we are excited to announce that donations at the door and from the raffles will be […]

Health and Wellness Fair

The kids (my niece and nephew) were still pretty little when Nickelodeon started their Nick at Nite programing in the early 1980s. And it was fun to watch Joseph and Emily get such enjoyment out of some of the same TV shows we used to watch when we were kids […]

Sermon: Nick at Nite

The name of today’s sermon is “Feasting in the Wilderness”. Now you might think that phrase to be rather oxymoronic. Out in the barrenness of the Wilderness of Judea there was little to feast on. The searing sun scorched an arid land, even the smallest creatures that roamed there were […]

Sermon: Feasting in the Wilderness