2020 Stewardship

The Stewardship Committee would like to thank all who attended and provided their thoughts during an interesting discussion in our “Stewardship Town Hall” meeting held on November 10th.  It seemed that the Holy Spirit was among us as we discussed items of importance surrounding First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia.  Our Town Hall meeting touched on info from the 2019 budget, including the following points:  1. The Wendell-Hubbard Fund is our largest income source at 51% of all income, with Congregational giving at 46%, 2. Mission & Outreach spending is 11% of all spending with a negative trend for this type of spending since 2004, and 3. Outreach budget giving within Madison County amounts to 56% of this budget line.

After the presentation of the budget-related thoughts, the group was presented with this definition:  “Stewardship is how we use our God-given gifts; it is how we use our talents, our time, and our resources.  These are very familiar words, yet they carry a ring of truth.  Stewardship is the way we use all our resources to carry on Christ’s work of reconciliation in the world.” 

Then the following question was asked of the group, leading many to share their responses:  “What does First Presbyterian Church do that is most important to you?”  The summarized response points (Click to view image) representing each topic shared by different people in the group, don’t adequately convey the passion with which many spoke.  What shone through from all the discussion is that our Congregation cares deeply for all that First Presbyterian does and also has expectations for a positive effect on our community in the future.  Lastly, news was shared regarding a $70,000 bequest to the church, received from the estate of Helen Birchard.  This led to a point about the need for parking to make the church more accessible.  The last exciting point shared was that the Trustees have already been looking into the cost of improving parking on church property by expanding and paving.  A recent estimate was on the order of $20-25,000 for this work.  A “straw poll” show of hands resulted in a strong majority of those present who would be supportive of such a project.

The Stewardship Committee hopes that all committees of the church will consider what was shared at the Town Hall meeting and take action wherever the Spirit moves you.

This year the Committee would like to introduce a challenge to all families to calculate your financial giving as a percentage of income (converted to a $ amount for your pledge).  We encourage you to ‘do the math’ and assess what percentage of your family income is being given back to God.  We request that you provide your pledge through the church website (http://cazpres.org/stewardship), but there are options to pledge by US Mail, by phone or by dropping it into the offering plate.  We request your action by Pledge Dedication Sunday (December 8th), if possible, which would assist greatly with the start of the 2020 budget planning process. 


Your Stewardship Committee (Craig Buckhout, Brad Johnson, Steve McEntee, Susan Palmer-Everly and Tom Oak [ex-officio member])

First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia – 2020 Pledge Form

My Stewardship Commitment

Grateful for God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, and to keep the promise I made when I became an active member, I pledge, as evidence of my stewardship to Christ’s mission, to give through my church.