Transition Team – Small Group Meetings

Transition Team News

Sam has met with the Transition Team to sketch out a plan for gathering information and conducting a congregation-wide conversation on where we’ve come from, who we are, and where God is calling us. The main ingredients are a survey that will be mailed to everyone, and a series of small-group conversations shaped by Bible study and prayer.

The survey will be sent via your preferred means of communication, email or postal mail. The questions are about the various areas of the life of a church community. Some of the areas you will be more familiar with than others. Please answer honestly, according to your experience.

The small-group conversations will be led by members of the Transition Team after Sam leads the team through each one. Our intent is to have small groups of 8-10 people. Some of you will be comfortable having a meeting in-person. Some of you will prefer to meet via Zoom. Some may not be able to participate in a group, and for those we will arrange an interview by phone.

Please indicate your preference using the button below, for how you wish to participate. If you believe you are unable to participate, please tell us.

The Transition Team will have its first meeting on Sunday, November 8. The small-group meetings will take place after that.