Monthly Archives: November 2016

I remember when we were kids at Christmas. Every December my sister, Cathy, and I truly believed that Santa Claus was coming again this year. And we’d try hard to be good in those weeks leading up to the big day. Finally, on Christmas Eve, while mom and dad were […]

Sermon: The Awakening

Many years ago a good friend of mine introduced me to the idea of doing clown ministry, which he was very enthusiastically involved in. Since then it became a great blessing in my own life and ministry experience. One of my friend’s favorite slogans is found in the willingness to […]

Sermon: The King of Fools

Today we gather to honor those service men and women who were inspired by the example of our American predecessors; who have been encouraged to sacrifice on behalf of their fellow citizens in order to preserve and promote that most precious American gift: Freedom. Many things have been written and […]

Sermon: Love Letters to Home