Monthly Archives: December 2016

On Sunday morning, December 6, 1964, Oklahoma City made some startling and shocking news. A thirty-one year-old mother gave birth to a child on the sidewalk at the corner of Sheridan and Broadway. A curious crowd “watched without helping” (the newspaper said). Meanwhile the woman and her baby lay on […]

Sermon: Unexpected Advent

Do you believe in angels? Have you ever seen an angel? Now, guys, I’m not talking about statuesque underwear models that saunter down the runway clad in feathery wings and little else. Nor am I referring to the three shapely P.I.s who work for some mysterious guy named `Charlie.’ Nor, […]

Sermon: Angels Among Us

As I’ve grown older, I’ve discovered that Christmas is increasingly a rather bitter-sweet proposition for many of us. For, as we gather to celebrate the holiday season as family and friends, we also inevitably become poignantly aware of the growing number of loved ones who are missing from our midst.  […]

Pastor’s Message

“Advent was just one week away,” recounts one young mom, “so we thought we’d see what the children remember from our family devotions the year before.” “Who can tell me what the four candles in the Advent wreath represent?” she asked her children. Luke jumped in with seven-year-old wisdom and […]

Sermon: A New Start for Peace