2019 Stewardship Campaign

This Stewardship Campaign Needs to Have an Impact


Our long-time Church Treasurer, Craig Buckhout, delivered some alarming news in his October 31 cover letter for year-to-date giving statements (sent to those who pledged for 2018).  Craig noted that we are projecting a significant operating deficit for the current year.  There have been past years when running deficits have been nearly or completely overcome by late-year giving, but this one is noteworthy for its size.  Something not mentioned was that our 2018 situation comes on the heels of a deficit in 2017.  Your response is needed if we expect to maintain the same financial Christian mission that we have supported for many years running.

Your Stewardship Committee encourages you to reflect on whether you are able to step up to providing another level of giving to the Church.  Our Congregation has lost some significant contributors in recent years, and there is now a need for the rest of us to begin to fill the void.  If we are unable to have a greater financial impact, then our Session will be forced to inspect what we value most, and make decisions affecting the various missions of our Church.  We believe it’s possible to replace some of the lost pledge giving because the Congregation made an impact this year by supporting the unique Pass-Through Project, as well as extended improvements to the foyer restroom and Meeting House back entrance.  It is hoped that the impact can be felt in 2019 through the sustainment of the overall operation.

New methods of giving are being promoted this year to try and simplify your giving process, as well as to provide a more regular income stream to the Church.  The Church website, cazpres.org, has a new link for donating online.  This link can be used to set up one-time or regular pledge payments.  There is a small fee associated with this particular method of payment, as it is administered by a third party (tithe.ly).  A similar, but potentially no-fee, alternative to this method is to establish an automatic payment to the Church directly from a checking account.  There are currently several families in our congregation that have been using this time-saving pledge payment method.

Another link on cazpres.org provides a way to complete your 2019 Annual Pledge.  The Church Office will be notified immediately upon the submission of such a pledge.  Of course, the other options of dropping your pledge card into the offering plate, mailing your pledge to the Church, personally delivering it to the Church Office, or even calling it in, are also still available.

We also encourage the continued donation of time and talent that so many of you freely give to the Church.  This service is greatly appreciated, and the Cazenovia Presbyterian Church would not be what it is without all you do throughout the year!

We sincerely hope that you will consider the challenge of stepping up your financial pledge for 2019.  Your pledge and future gifts will maintain the mission and financial well-being of the Church that we, and the many before us, have relied upon for over 200 years.  Thank you for your continued support of First Presbyterian Church!



Your Stewardship Committee (Craig Buckhout, Dave Joor, Jack Koerner, Steve McEntee, Tom Oak, Chris Schierer)