Suspension of In-Person Services

Dear church family,

Because of the rising rate of Covid-19 infections, hospitalizations and deaths, the Session met on Sunday afternoon to consider what changes we might make in response. Advice from county governments is to cease having public gatherings if possible and to hold meetings and other events via electronic means. Utica Presbytery and Cayuga-Syracuse Presbytery recommend that congregations seek creative means to worship without in-person gatherings.

Members of Session expressed their concern for public health and their awareness of the need to go out of our way to avoid doing anything that would put others at risk for infection and harm. So we have decided to suspend in-person public worship until further notice. Worship will be recorded in the sanctuary and made available via a link on the web site.

Yes, it’s Christmas, and we grieve the loss of yet more familiar landmarks to guide us on this difficult journey. I hope the unexpected isolation will give us time and space for listening to God’s voice and experience the presence of the Spirit in new ways. Stillness is not always easy or welcome. However, it can be an opportunity to grow closer to God and for the kind of self-reflection we may not do regularly. This “in-between time” has multiple dimensions for the Cazenovia Presbyterian Church. You are in the midst of the isolation of pandemic precautions.

You are in between installed pastors and engaged in a time of reflection and taking stock. You are a Christian church in a time of great social and cultural change, which itself is an in-between time.

These times are not easy. We are tempted to run back to what we used to know that felt safe. But God is present in the chaos, just as God is present in times of stability. Emmanuel has come. God is with us. Don’t be afraid.

Your interim pastor Sam