Pastor’s Message

Last month, Cazenovia Welcomes Refugees hosted an event in our sanctuary. While it isn’t uncommon for local groups to use our building, as I looked at the pictures afterward, I noticed something unusual. You see, when it came time to set up for the panel, the organizers didn’t bring one […]

God’s Table

Several months ago, I preached a sermon on the Presbyterian model of stewardship. If you were present, you’ll remember that I talked about the way in which we often “put the cart before the horse” – doing our annual stewardship drive prior to establishing our ministry budget for the year. […]

The Mystery Box Effect

Published in 1871, Lewis Carol’s Through the Looking Glass was written as a sequel to his immensely successful 1865 work, Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. While the latter introduces us to the familiar characters of the Mad Hatter and the Cheshire Cat, it is in Through the Looking Glass that we […]

Pastor’s Message – May 2022