2021 Stewardship


Cazenovia Presbyterian Stewardship

It’s that time of year when your Stewardship Committee begins its fall pledge campaign for the upcoming budget year.  Last year our committee conducted several meetings outside of the usual ‘stewardship season’, thoughtfully discerning the future.  Our Church did not have a budget crisis, but we felt the need to meet and discuss an unsustainable trend of reduced giving from the prior two years.  We agreed that our church does have a budget problem that must continue to be discussed, and the most glaring symptom of that problem was the Church’s need to reduce Outreach giving during past years in order to close budget gaps.

The Committee also spent time reviewing materials related to Christian Stewardship.  Through discussion on what we had learned, we came to acknowledge that the Cazenovia Presbyterian definition of stewardship does not match up with the wider meaning of Christian Stewardship.  However, we concluded that Cazenovia Presbyterian has consistently followed the tradition of an ‘outreach’ style of Christian Stewardship, a tradition which is being threatened by a diminishing ability to support it.

Another recognition by your Stewardship Committee is that the Wendell-Hubbard Fund is not well understood within our church family.  Our committee made it a goal last year to provide a clearer picture of what the Fund is all about, so our long-time Church Treasurer, Craig Buckhout, wrote an attachment to improve knowledge surrounding the Wendell-Hubbard Fund.  The updated attachment is again included this year.

So, as we kick off this year’s stewardship campaign, we reflect on a year that seems to have been lost to COVID-19.  We should have faith that things will eventually return to normal, yet we must realize that the needs of the larger community have persisted during the pandemic.  We hope you will consider a modest increase to your pledge in recognition of those needs.  Included with this letter is a pledge card for you to express how you will support your church in 2021.

Lastly, in light of the shift in how families are giving to the church, we are not producing offering envelopes for 2021.  Plate collection envelopes are always available in the pews, should anyone wish to personalize a plate donation.


Your Stewardship Committee

(Craig Buckhout, Brad Johnson, Steve McEntee, Susan Palmer Everly and Sam Pendergrast [ex-officio member])

First Presbyterian Church of Cazenovia – 2021 Pledge Form

My Stewardship Commitment

Grateful for God’s love revealed in Jesus Christ, and to keep the promise I made when I became an active member, I pledge, as evidence of my stewardship to Christ’s mission, to give through my church.